Leaders At Our School
Second graders interviewed leaders at Wilson. See what we learned about leaders.

The cinncinati mayor's name is Mark Mallory. KE. THE OHIO Governor is Ted Strickland.
mayor mark mallory.WH

external image 121507OhioVotingMachine-thumb.jpg
Jennifer Brunner
our state Secretary.

Famous American Projects will be posted on student pages.
Addie's power point on Eleanor Roosevelt - Click the picture

Morgan's video on astronaut Ellison Onizuka - Click the picturea

Soon to come... our Voice Thread on Famous Americans

Students will soon be doing a report on a past President. They will need to choose three that they would like to learn more about and then they will be assigned one of the three. They MAY NOT choose George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan, or Barack Obama. They can access a complete list of Presidents and info here; POTUS

Another websites on Presidents

If you don't have a President assigned to you, please choose one and write the name next to your name on the list below.

Assignments for Presidents Reports

Sophia B - FDR
Ben - William Henry Harrison
John - Andrew Jackson
Addie - Bill Clinton
Kily - Herbert Hoover
Ashley -
John Quincy Adams
Wesley - Benjamin Harrison
Cara - James Madison
Caleb - Ulysses S. Grant
Nick -
Harry truman
Logan - Richard Nixon
Olivia - Grover Cleveland
Natasha - James Buchanan
Peter - Thomas Jefferson
Sophia L. - John Tyler
Austin - John F. Kennedy
Morgan - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Claire George W. Bush
Emma - John Adams
Lydia - George Bush

Leadership and Character have been important in the formation of the United States. This month, students will learn about some of our great leaders. Here are directions for the Famous Americans Project.

Jan. 20, 2009 - The inauguration of Barack Obama. We witnessed history.
Students were silent as they watched the oath.

Waving goodbye to President Bush

November 2008
This week the citizens of the US will participate in a historic election. Students at our school also have the opportunity to participate in a "Kids Vote" election as well. Here is a great website for kids which tell about the two candidates and their positions on the issues.

Check back here for our class' election results on Tuesday afternoon.

external image john-mccain.jpg external image barack-obama-1.jpg
Monday's class poll - Obama, 5 votes; McCain, 12 votes; Undecided, 2 votes.

Democracy Song

Democracy in the USA, democracy…

And when a country’s a democracy,
The people get to vote who their leaders will be.
Cause it’s democracy in the USA, democracy, OK!

You got monarchies which are ruled by kings,
And theocracies where a church runs things,
And then you’ve got military dictatorships,
Where whoever runs the army holds all the chips.

But in the USA we are living large,
Cause when you vote it means that you’re in charge.
And no one else can tell you how to vote, OK.
Or tell you what to think, or what read, or what to say.

Cause it’s democracy, run by you and me,
We get what we want cause it’s democracy,
And that’s good!

Today we created a KWL chart about Christopher Columbus. We wrote what we already
Know; what we Want to know; and what we Learned. Some of our questions about this famous explorer were not answered however. If you would like to earn Extra Credit, you may find out answers to any of the unanswered questions below and tell where you found your answers (books, internet, etc). Have fun!! Don't forget to sign your initials!
Here is a site Morgan found with names of Columbus' crew members

What did Christopher Columbus really look like? ae - internet - external image Face_Christopher_Columbus.jpg

Who were his parents? Domenico Colombo was his father. Suzanna Fontanarossa was his mother. ni (found answer on internet)

Did he ever get sick from his crew?

How did he die? He got very ill from pain in his museles an eating bad food. ni (found answer on internet)

How old was he when he died? he was 55 years old. sl found on internet

Where was he from?Italian explorer. am (found answer on internet)

Was he known to be mean or nice? he was mean. ae (found answer on internet)

What were the names of some people on his crew?

Were some of his crew members prisoners before they sailed with him? yes. ae. logan's book

What year was he born? 1451. am (found on internet)

We are learning about Ohio products. One product is honey. Check out this Honey bee life cycle video that Nick found.

We will be learning about our community and our world. Here is a place we can show what we've learned.

Fill in the chart. List things that you see, hear, and experience in these two places.

Country quit.sl
more cars.ae
less cars. ae

Write the answers to these questions! Don't forget to sign your name after your answer!

What continent do you live on?n north america cjh

What country do you live in? We live in the U S A . Nick

What state do you live in? We live in ohio Nick

What city do you live in? cincinnati Nick

What township do you live in? anderson cjh