Coyote and the Laughing Butterflies

Original Fairy Tales By Mrs. Shulman's 2nd Graders in Illinois. Please read some and make some comments.

Fairy Tale Book Presentations are due Monday, May 18th.

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Storynory Fairy Tales

When you finish reading a Fairy Tale, complete this document.

An international teacher in Singapore wrote about how our class is using Audacity in the classroom. Read her blog "Tip of the Iceberg"

We are reading a book called Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. We are also participating in a Poetry Collaborative based on the poems in the book, with other grades and schools.

See below for some original poems written by us!

Here is a poem from the book.
The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Here are our original poems inspired by The Red Wheelbarrow

The Yellow Motorcycle
by Ben
So much depends
a yellow motorcycle
to take a person
or two people
to one place
or another.

A Suitcase
by Nick
So much depends
a suitcase because
if you didn't have one
you couldn't go

A Loving Dog
by Lydia
So much depends
a loving dog
covered with fur
beside an old oak tree.

My White Bunny
by Sophia B.
So much depends
my white bunny
soft and in a cage
beside me every day.

The Blue Lawn Mower
by Claire
So much depends
a blue lawn mower
speckled with mud
in a dirty garage.

A Brown Dog
By Emma
So much depends
a brown dog
with lots of fuzzy fur
laying right beside me.

The Orange Cat
by Addie
So much depends
an orange cat
playing with me at nap
chasing the wiggling string

The Blue Bucket
by Austin
So much depends
a blue bucket
filled with milk
beside a cow.

Some excellent student poems based on "Love That Boy"

Love That Dog
by Nick
Love that dog
Like a tiger loves to strike
I said I love that dog
Like a tiger loves to strike
Love to call him in the morning
"Hey there Scout, let's go for a hike!"

Love That Girl
by Sophia L
Love that girl
Like a salamander loves to crawl
I said I love that girl
Like a salamander loves to crawl
Love to call her in the morning
Love to call her "Hey there Sis!"

Love That Family - by Cara
Love that family
Like a bear loves to sleep
I said I love that family
Like a fish loves to swim
Love to play with them all the time
Love to go on vacation too.

Love That Rat - by Claire
Love that rat
Like a lizard loves to sun
I said I love that rat
Like a dog loves to run
Love to hold her in the morning
Love to hold her on my shoulder.

Love that Dog - by Caleb
Love that dog
Like a kangaroo loves to jump
I said I love that dog
Like a kangaroo loves to jump
Love to run with her in the morning
Love to bump her in the night.

Love that Dog - by Morgan
Love that dog
Like a kid loves to play
I said I love that dog
Like a bird loves to fly
Love to play with her in the morning
Love to play with her at night.

Love that Game - by Wesley
Love that game
Like a bird loves to fly
I said I love that game
Like a bird loves to fly
Love to play it in the morning
Love to beat all the levels.

Love that Mom - by Kily
Love that mom
Like a bird loves to chirp
I said I love that mom
Like a bird loves to chirp
Love to go shopping with her every day
after that I say let's go slurp!

Love That Cat - by Olivia
Love that cat
Like a bear loves to sleep
I said I love that cat
Like a bear loves to sleep
Love to sleep with cats
Love to sleep with my old Tessie

Love that Dog - By Peter
Love that dog
Like a girl loves to sew
I said I love that dog
Like a girl loves to sew
Love to call him in the morning
Love to call him "Hey there, Mo!"

Items that are useful.

lawn mower
shovel or wagon
working gloves
watering can
vacuum cleaner
bookcase or book cover


by Mrs. Hopkins' 2nd Graders

This Friday we will start spring.
And then the birds will all sing.
We shall see showers
And look at flowers
And hear all the bells go ring-ring!

Storybooks Online
I think this site is...a fun place to read books and they are too easy.KE
I really like think
I read buzzy bee's night out i think it was really young .AF
I think it is a good reading website.MR

Here's a fabulous Poetry Voicethread by 1st Graders in Virginia. Check it out and let's make a comment.

Author and Illustrator Loren Long visited Wilson! Loren Long Website

Sick by Shel Silverstien


Practice identifying and making contractions

More contraction practice

Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. Play some synonym games on these sites.

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Found a neat wiki for poetry. Let's take a look and join in! Poetry Collaboration
We just finished reading aloud The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare and watching the movie version Keeping the Promise. Check out this interesting wiki site all about the book. Sign of the Beaver

Speakaboos - Listen to favorite books online
Help Me Find a Book

Book Review
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See our book reviews of the story The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg, at the Wilson Virtual Library.

Parts of a Book Review
1. Tell about the story/book - What happened?
2. Tell your opinion about the book or parts of the book.
3. Tell your recommendation to read or not to read the book.

Class Book Review for Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner.

Skippyjon Jones thought he was a bird, then his mom said he should be a siamese cat. What will Skippyjon Jones think to be next? Soon Skippyjon Jones goes on an exciting adventure in his closet. What is this cool adventure? Something explodes during this story but no one gets hurt.
I think the story is very exciting because it has lots of chihuahuas that are different colors and it is very imaginative. I think the story was awesome because some yummy things are in the story. I think this story is funny because Skippyjon Jones' mother keeps calling him wierd names.
I recommend this book because it is funny and cute. It will make you jump out of your socks because it rocks!

sjj4.JPGsjj3.JPGsjj.JPG sjj2.JPG sjj1.JPG

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saturns rings are made of ice and rocks.wh

magic tree house day of dragon king. Jack and Annie get lost in a

I am reading about the sun.All of the gases in the sun creates tremendous heat and pressure.Ke

The space probe photographed the rings as sunlight sparkled through them.

; I am reading junie B. jones Is not a crook ni

I like Arthur

Iris and Walter

1. What do you think Iris and Walter will do next?

2. Where does "Iris and Walter" take place? How do you think the story would be different if they had met in the city?

3. Make a list of three things Iris found to do in the country. Then make a list of three things she missed about the city.

I am reading a book called Kite Runner. CH I am reading remembering mrs.rossi. ly
I like Junie B. Jones books. SL

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I like Junie b jones cara

I like Magic Tree House books. pl