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The Very Good Kiss...
by Olivia

There once was a man named Chris
Who had a very good kiss.
He tried not to blush
So he said oh hush.
And he ended up in a state of bliss!

Love That Cat...
by Olivia

Love that cat
Like a bear loves to sleep
I said I love that cat
Like a bear loves to sleep
Love to sleep with cat's love to sleep with my old Tessie!

The White Chicken...
by Olivia

So much depends
a white chicken
with pretty gray feathers
next to a big chicken cope.

My report on a Famous American is Sacagawea.

I am doing a report on President Grover Cleveleand.


Grover Cleveland. by Olivia
Hi my name is Grover Cleveland. Some of my nicknames are Veto Mayor, Veto President.
I was born in Calldwell, New Jersey on March 18, 1837 I died on June 24, 1904. I married
Francus Falsom June 2, 1886 and we had 5 children. I tought myself and I was a lawyer
before I became president. My salary was $50,000/year.

Living Things
Non-living things

what the Tundra grounds are like...

the grond is permentenly frozen 10 inch to 3 ft (25 to 100 cm) down so that trees can't grow they're.