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Here is a link to the Math Jeopardy game we played in class. There are all grade levels to choose from. We played the 2nd and 3rd grade games.

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We made our own pyramids. One is a rectangular pyramid, one is a triangular pyramid, and one is a pentagonal pyramid. Can you tell which is which?
pp1.JPG tp1.JPG rp1.JPG

We are studying geometry which is the study of shapes , lines, and 3 dimensional figures. Here are few shapes we found around our school.

Here are student's addition number stories.
Write a number model and answer the question. Don't forget to write your unit. Put your initials when you solve a problem.

Mrs Hopkins arrived at 4;15PM. She left at 6:00 PM. How long was she here? 1 hour & 45 minutes. ly

mrs.hogn arrived at 2.,00 mrs.yax arrived at 2.;34 how much longer was mrs.hong thar . 34 minutes

Morgan had 10 cookies. She gave 3 to Logan and 3 to Cara. How many cookies does Morgan have left? 4 cookies. JC 10 - 3 - 3 = 4

Caleb has 5 friends. John has 6 friends. How many in all? 5+6=11 MR

Emma has 1 drink and Lydia has 1 drink. How many in all? 1+1=2 MR

Logan scored 5 goals. Austin scored 4 goals. How many in all? 5+4=9 MR

Ashley has 1 book. Kily has 100 books. How many in all?1+ 100=101cmh

Kily had 5 markers. Sophie had 6 markers. How many in all?5+6=11

Ben caught 2 pop flies and Austin caught 4 pop flies. How many catches in all?2+4=6KE

Cara has 4 books. Kily has 5 books. How many in all?4+5=9 MR

Kily has 7 books. Olivia has 3 books. How many in all? 7+3=10 CS

John ate 1,000 hot dogs. Caleb ate 1,100 hot dogs. How many in all? 1,000+1,100=2,100 CS

Nick has 3 books. Claire has 1 book. how many in all? 3+1=4 NI

Ashley has 4 balls and Kily has 3 balls. How many in all? 4+3=7 CS

John had 6 marbles. Caleb had 5 marbles. How many marbles in all? 6+5=11 NI

Natasha had 10 friends. Kily had 20 friends. How many friends in all? 10+20=30 NI

Sophie has 5 books. Claire has 3 books. How many in all?5+3=8 MR

Sophia has 6 apples. Addie has 4 apples. How many in all? 6+4=10 CS

Cara has 5 pennies. Sophia has 10 pennies. How many pennies in all? 5+10=15 SL

Emma has 15 cents. Ashley has 14 cents. How much in all? 29 cents cjh

Nick scored 5 goals. Olivia scored 10 goals. How many goals in all? 15 cjh

Austin had 107 books. Ben had 37 books. Logan had 56 books. How many books in all?107+37+56=200 MR

Emma had 9 balls. Lydia gave Emma 9 more balls. How many balls in all?9+9=18 MR

wesley had 5 cars.and emma gave me 5 more cars how meny cars in all? 5+5=10 wh

2+2+4+4=12 mr

We are beginning the year by reviewing money and time.

Please write a math problem using money or time.
For example:

Addie has $6 in her pocket and Morgan has $3 in her pocket. How much money do they have all together?

6+3=9 Logan

Pure concentration!


John went to Caleb's house at 4:00. He went home at 6:00. How much time did he spend at Caleb's house?
2 hours Peter and Ashley

Friday Nick woke up at 7:30 a.m. and went to bed at 9:30 p.m. How long was Nick awake on Friday?14 mtr
4x4=16 am
4x8=32 MR
50x50=2500 MR
5x4=20 am
5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5=50 am

You may solve other people's problems. Write your answer next to or under the problem, then SAVE your page.

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