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The Boy who turned into a Hen
There once was boy a named Luke.
Who liked to say duke.
He said it again and

Living Things
Nonliving things

Love That dog
by Logan Jilek
Love that dog like a paolr bear loves to eat.
I said I love that dog like a paolr bear loves to eat.
Love to play with her in the morning
love to play with her a lot.

So much depends upon a broom
coverd with dust
in a grage.

Things about the Sun

One thing I learned about Ben is he invented a lot of
Richard Nixon
external image richard-nixon-picture.jpg
By Logan
Richard Nixon was born on January 9, in California.He was born 1913.
He had no nicknames.He married Patrica Ryan.His education was
Whitter College,and Duke Law School. Before he became the 37
president he was a layer.
Richards children were Julie and Patrica.His salary as
president was 200,000$ /per year.He died in April 22