Hello Everyone!
Welcome to 2nd Grade at Wilson Elementary! My name is Mrs. Hopkins, and I have been a teacher at Wilson for the past 13 years. My own children attended Wilson. Daniel is now a junior at Turpin, and Sarah is in 8th grade at Nagel. My husband, Monty, is the Swimming Coach at the University of Cincinnati.
Our house can be a real jungle. We have a dog named Kellie, a bird named Mickey, and two guinea pigs named Brindle and Elvis.
I love to read good books. In fact, I am in a book club that meets about every month to talk about the books we read.

I also love to play softball. My husband and I play together on a softball team in the spring and summer months.

My family and I like to travel around the country to visit friends and family. I have two brothers. Their names are Alex and Eric. Eric lives in South Carolina and he is a doctor. Alex lives in Northern Kentucky and he is a professor at the University of Cincinnati.My parents, Doris and Ralph, live in Louisville, Kentucky and I love to visit them often.
Eric, me, Alex
My parents, Doris and Ralph